Chewcolate torte

( 3 x 100g )


Chewcolate torte, a twist on traditional Chocolate torte....but for dogs! Made with chunky, British beef, eggs and coconut flour. 90% meat, no additives, raising agents or preservatives. Grain FREE - gluten FREE!

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Each piece -100g
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Ingredients: Beef, eggs, coconut flour, yoghurt, coconut oil, carob (dog friendly cocoa powder).

No chocolate inside the cake (on top we used Leaps & Bounds “Woof Bar” Milk Choc – dog chocolate)

Only human grade ingredients. No additives.

Complementary pet food for dogs.

Grain FREE – Gluten FREE

Analytical constituents (per 100g):
Crude protein: 19.5 %
Crude fat: 15.38 %
Crude fibre: 0.2 %
Crude ash: 0.9 %
Moisture level: 59.4 %

Weight: 100g each piece

Keep refrigerated for up to 4 days.

To be given as a treat or reward, NOT to replace your dog’s daily food. Always ensure there's a bowl of fresh water available for your dog.

Cakes can be frozen and given as required.

Docakes, a new range of traditional English desserts…for dogs. Now you can celebrate any occasion - Christmas, Easter, Birthdays or simply have a family dinner without the sad, puppy eyes looking at you from under the table. Your dog can enjoy a ‘human’ looking desserts of their own.

They look like our favourite desserts but are totally different inside. All of them are made with chunky meat (chicken or beef) eggs and coconut flour. No raising agents, no sugar, no additives, no grain flour!


“Because there is a drop of human in every dog”

This Chewcolate torte has been carefully baked with chunky, British beef, eggs and a drop of coconut flour. The icing is a mixture of Greek yoghurt, a drop of coconut oil and carob powder. On top we placed Leaps & Bounds “Woof Bar” Milk Choc – dog chocolate). So don’t be afraid to give your dog this delicious, scrumptious, mouth-watering Chewcolate torte watch them feel like a family member too!








Cakes feeding recommendation

Size of a Dog  Grams Per Day
Up to 5 kg  Up to 15 g
5-10 kg 15-30 g
10-20 kg 30-60 g
20-30 kg 60-90 g
Over 30 kg 90-120 g



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