Courgette muffins

( 60g x4 )


Soft courgette muffins, baked in the oven.

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Ingredients: Fresh courgette, eggs, coconut flour, yoghurt, coconut oil, basil.

Only human grade ingredients. No additives.
Complementary pet food for dogs.

Analytical constituents (per 100g):
Crude protein: 8.2 %
Crude fat: 10.99 %
Crude fibre: 1.0 %
Crude ash: 1.1 %
Moisture level: 72.1 %

Weigh: 60g Each muffin

Keep refrigerated for up to 7 days. To be given as a treat or reward, NOT to replace your dog’s daily food. Always ensure there's a bowl of fresh water available for your dog.







Courgette muffins

Size of a Dog  Grams Per Day
Up to 5 kg  Up to 15 g
5-10 kg 15-30 g
10-20 kg 30-60 g
20-30 kg 60-90 g
Over 30 kg 90-120 g



Natural Dog Treats in Cheshire

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The Benefits of Coconut Flour for Dogs

Research suggests that at best, flour is okay for dogs, at worst, flour is downright harmful. Although found in a number of dog products, white flour is flour that has been stripped of all its nutrients. So, when looking for products for your dogs it is best to use whole grain and non-grain flours. At Greedy Paws, we use coconut flour, which is a non-grain flour. Coconut is an excellent substitute for flour and offers a number of health benefits for your dog.


High in Protein

Coconut flour is a great source of protein. Just like humans, dogs need lots of protein and is critical in maintaining skin, bone and hair, helping the immune system and for muscle development. Protein is also a great source of calories and will help to keep your dogs energy levels up.

High in Fibre

Fibre is another essential food group that needs to be a part of every dogs diet and coconut flour is rich in fibre (constituting around 30-40% of coconut flour). Fibre helps to reduce the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, lowers cholesterol and helps maintain the digestive system. For older dogs, fibre is even more important and will help to remove any toxins that are present in their food.

Gluten Free

Coconut flour contains no gluten or wheat. Research suggests that gluten can cause bloating and low energy levels. An allergy to gluten is also a common occurrence in many dogs and if your dog has any intolerance, coconut flour is an excellent alternative.

Low in Sugar

Many flours are refined which means they are quickly metabolised and cause spikes in sugar levels. The digestible carbohydrate in coconut flour are less than 10%, which means blood sugars will stay low and not surge, and this is especially important for dogs.

High in Good Fats

Many of the fats that are in coconut flour are healthy saturated fats that aid metabolism and support your dog’s digestive system. These healthy fats help to destroy the bacteria that cause health problems such as ulcers, dental cavities and urinary tract infections.

In short, coconut flour is safe, healthy and beneficial for dogs. For older dogs, and dogs suffering from weight problems, high cholesterol or allergies, coconut flour is a great ingredient that will support your dog. If you would like to learn more about all of our natural dog treats in Cheshire, please visit our products page or get in touch with us at Greedy Paws.



Natural Dog Treats in Cheshire

 DEFRA: 06/216/8105 ABP/PTF




Local Trading standards: GB704 0280






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Natural Dog Treats in Cheshire

 DEFRA: 06/216/8105 ABP/PTF




Local Trading standards: GB704 0280




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