Your dog will love our delicious natural dog treats which come in chicken, liver and beef. If your dog dislikes the taste of meat we also offer courgette and honey options. All of our treats are made with real meat, eggs and coconut oil and baked in the oven. We put no preservatives or additives in our products and you’ll see the difference when your dog chows down on one of our mouthwatering bone shaped treats. If you would like any more information about our natural dog treats in Cheshire, please get in touch.

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If you’ve ever given your dog a bone you know just how much they love gnawing on meaty treats. So we have created jerky in two tasty flavours; liver and chicken. We create our jerky by dehydrating real meats to create a crispy flavour that no dog will be able to resist. We don’t add any spices, salts or preservatives to the jerky so it is not only really delicious, but also totally safe for your dog to eat.

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We also bake some really scrumptious muffins in a range of varieties including chicken, courgette and beef. Our muffins contain just eggs, coconut flour and meat or vegetable, depending on the variety. You know exactly what goes in the muffins and they are both tasty and healthy. These muffins are a great way to reward your furry companion and will make a welcome change from your regular doggy biscuits. If you would like any more information about our muffins and natural dog treats in Cheshire, please do get in touch.

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Birthday Cakes

Is it your dog’s birthday? Then it’s time to show your woolly friend how much they mean to you, with an extra special treat – a specially prepared doggy birthday cake! Our cakes come in beef, chicken and vegetarian, so whatever your dog’s preference is, you can pick a cake that you know they will love. Our cakes not only taste great, but look great too, and you can pick from a slipper, ball or tennis ball.

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Natural Dog Treats in Cheshire

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