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At Greedy paws, we offer a great selection of delicious treats, cakes and biscuits. Every single product is handmade and baked in our kitchen. We use only 100% natural ingredients, and we always endeavor to source them locally, whenever possible.

Our bakes are made with only small number of ingredients to ensure they are healthy and easy to digest for your furry babies. NONE of the products contain any wheat flour or grains. We only use coconut flour which is not only grain free but also very good for dogs.

Let your dogs try our delicious treats and we can guarantee they will love them!



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So why should you try our delicious homemade dog treats? 

  • Made by someone with a diploma in canine nutrition!
  • No GRAIN or WHEAT are ever added to my treats!
  • No additives, artificial colours or preservatives!
  • Homemade and natural!
  • Human grade, natural British ingredients, safe for both you and your doggies!
  • Plastic free packaging!
  • We are a fully licensed, insured and DEFRA approved business which indicates that the highest of food hygiene standards are always met!

If you are looking for natural dog treats in Cheshire and the UK, get in touch, to learn more!

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Natural Dog Treats in Cheshire




Natural Dog Treats in Cheshire

My name is Alicja, and I own three lovely (and crazy) Cocker Spaniels. Just like you, I care deeply about what my dogs eat and where their food comes from. I thought about these exact same things while shopping for treats for my furry babies.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any treats that were both healthy and tasty. Before I even decided to own any dogs, I started reading about nutrition and which foods were best for them. I wanted to make sure I looked after them as well as I possibly could. I read many, many books, online articles and eventually I completed a diploma in canine nutrition. I’ve learned what ingredients are good and which ones are bad for dogs and made sure the products I was buying contained only the good stuff!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any treats, that were natural, healthy and good for dogs. So… I started making them myself. After lots of baking trials, I managed to create recipes, and baked natural dog treats that are not only good for dogs but are absolutely delicious (you will have to trust my doggies on this one though!). To me they don’t really taste that good as they don’t contain any sugar, salt, additives or anything really apart from pure meat, a bit of coconut flour and eggs (for full list please see each product). My doggies absolutely love my bakes, and I know that they are 100% safe and nutritious.






We Donate to Dog Charity!

We love dogs here at Greedy Paws, and that’s why we will donate 1% of our profits to a dog charity. The dog charity will be chosen by you on Facebook on Twitter. At the end of the month we will transfer to the charity of your choice and post the receipt on social media and our website.









   My dog absolutely loves the treats. Little chicken bones are his favourite. His coat seems shinier too!! Thank you, Greedy Paws!  



  Jerky are our favourite, 100% natural treats that can be used for training.     



  I love the fact that these treats need to be kept in a fridge! First dog treats that don’t come in a plastic package that sits on the supermarket shelf for months.   



  First natural, healthy and tasty treats that are grain free and yet super tasty and healthy!  


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Natural Dog Treats in Cheshire

 DEFRA: 06/216/8105 ABP/PTF

Local Trading standards: GB704 0280

We Are Approved By

We are approved by DEFRA and by The Local Trading Standards under Feed Hygiene Regulation 2005 number GB704 0280. This means that we are frequently audited, and our food is regularly tested for Salmonella and Enterobacteriaceae (every quarter). If you’re looking for the best and most delicious natural dog treats in Cheshire and the UK, get in touch with us at Greedy Paws!




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